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Committee Members
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Committee Members

PATRONChris Bakern/a
Club President*Michael Rooke[email protected]
Treasurer*Peter Snow[email protected]
Secretary*Todd Keogh[email protected]
Snr Asst. Vice President*Steve Wyres 
Asst. Secretary* / Jnr Vice PresidentRobert Whiteley
Assist. TreasurerLachlan Epis
Marketing and PublicityMichael O’Brien
Assist Marketing and PublicityCarl Kitson
Membership SecretaryZara Griffin[email protected]
Assist. Membership SecretaryMarc Shaw[email protected]
Public Officer*Chris Battn/a
Committee MemberDavid West
Committee MemberAndrew Burley
Committee MemberChris Cathersides
Committee MemberMatt DeGraaf
Committee MemberRob Nelson
Committee MemberSimone Boldrini

* Denotes Management Committee as secondary role

Race Organising Committee    
Michael Rooke Todd Keogh Peter Snow
Michael O’Brien Rob Nelson Carl Kitson
Simon Boldrini Aaron Schereck Brian Bolster
Gavin Lackey    


MNSW DelegatesMichael RookeTodd KeoghGreg Epis
Nepean DelegatesSteve WyresGavin Lackey 

Club Meetings

Committee / Management Meetings

Meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, anyone is welcome to join us. Meetings typically start at 7.30pm.

Meets are held in person at Gymea Bowls Club (next to Gymea Tradies) – The Kingsway, Gymea. (GOOGLE MAPS LINK) or you can now join us on Zoom.

Members are welcome to submit an agenda item and join us to discuss an issue or to make suggestions are encouraged to submit these topics by the MONDAY prior to the meeting using AGENDA ITEMS Google Forms. All agenda items submitted will be distributed to the prior to the meeting with the club committee members so an informed discussion can be held on the night.

Don’t have time to stay for the whole meeting? Don’t worry, as above, if you let us know you are coming or say hello at the beginning of the meeting we can suspend normal business to attend to general business at the beginning of the meeting to allow for the discussion to take place and allow you to be on your way.

 Standard agenda items:


  • Feedback from Delegates meetings

Dirt Track

  • Feedback from Nepean Delegates meeting
  • Race event planning
  • Race event review

Road Race

  • Race event planning
  • Race event review

Touring and Social

  • Planning and feedback

General Business

  • Opportunity to discuss new club ideas and
  • Options for development of motorcycle racing in NSW