St George Motorcycle Club

Established in 1915, The club committee is run by committed volunteers who work hard both behind the scenes and on Race Days to ensure the smooth running of our events and the safety of riders. We are constantly working with the state controlling body, Motorcycling New South Wales (MNSW) to help develop the sport both in NSW, and Australia as a whole.


It is the aim of our club to unite all motorcycle riders for the sake of good fellowship, sportsmanship and co-operation, and thus create the recognition and friendly feeling of the general public and officials which we claim is due to all motorcycle riders.


Our club is also committed to providing options for those that are ‘just into bikes’ but not so much into racing (road or dirt). You are welcome to join us for any of our one day touring rides to varying places (rest assured we know some of the great riding roads in greater Sydney and NSW areas) with some longer tours as time and availability permits. Please contact our Touring Captain with your contact details to be notified of any upcoming rides.


(Note: You don’t have to be a member to join us for a touring ride, but it does help to ensure you are kept up to date with the latest news and invites, you are welcome to join us anyway… ).


Last but not least are our social activities. If you care to join a group of like minded (usually single minded motorcycle fanatics) then we also have a number of events during the year where you are welcome to come along and join in the social activities. These range from club presentation day usually around the last Sunday in November as well as some more general activities.


Come along and join the club, we’d love to meet you …!!


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EVENT DATES – proudly brought to you by St George Motorcycle Club

AGV Pirelli Motorcycle Road Race Sprint Series (inc NSWRRC)

  • Round 1 – Sydney Motorsport Park – 8th & 9th February 2020
  • Round 2 – Wakefield Park – 4th & 5th April 2020
  • Round 3 – Sydney Motorsport Park – 25th & 26th July 2020

Dunlop Motorcycle Road Race Endurance Series

  • Round 1 –Sydney Motorsport Park NSW – 19th & 20th September 2020
  • Round 2 –Phillip Island Victoria – 4th & 5th November 2020

Dirt Track

  • Rod Baron Classic – June 24 2020

Special Event(s)

  • Road Race – Sydney TT (in conjunction with Muscle Car Masters)
  • Dirt Track – NSW Dirt Track Championship – 12 July