Race Officials

To graduate from the general marshal roles to an official requires a qualification to be obtained through MNSW. As you gain more experience you can take on higher responsibility.

The St George Motorcycle club runs interclub and open events requiring a Level 2 or Level 3 officials licence for the most senior roles such as Clerk of Course and Steward.

If you are interested in becoming a race official come and speak to one of our key officials at race control.

What roles are available?

There are many volunteer roles that are available on race day.

New / first time marshals will join us as a Flag marshal, this is the role that we need most of and is the easiest to pick up. You will have a radio and will be given instructions throughout the day on what is required.


Typical number required

Further information

Flag marshals

25 to 30

Flag Sheet


4 to 6

Pit Exit




Grid marshals

3 to 4