Bike Setup

A Road Racing set up is very different to ride days or track days. There are a very specific set of requirements that must be met to comply with the Manual of Motorsports (MoMs) before you take your bike on the track to commence racing.

See the video below for a demonstration from one of our rider and partners, who will demonstrate the key points to setting up a race bike. Bikes will be checked by a scrutineer at every race meeting. For full details, please refer to the most current version of theĀ Manual of Motorsport on the MNSW website.

St George Motorcycle Club has also created a ‘pre-race’ checklist for riders to run through prior to a race event. this also includes a ‘Special Focus Area’ that we ask riders to pay particular attention to when preparing their bike for that round, for your safety, safety or other riders, and our volunteers. The focus area will change with each round.

Road Race Rider Scrutineering Checklist (v7 2021)

See the video below on the expected set up standard for Road Racing.

Rider Gear

Once your bike has been set up you also need to make sure you are ready for racing. All rider gear will be checked by a scrutineer before each race meeting.

Here are some of the key points to consider:

  • Helmet – Approved standard, no full depth scratches, note the serial number
  • Leathers – one piece or two piece attached with a zipper, no tears or holes
  • Back protector – separate or integrated into leathers
  • Boots – good overall condition, no sharp edges
  • Gloves – good overall condition, no tears or holes

For full details, please refer to the most current version of theĀ MANUAL OF MOTORSPORT ON THE MNSW WEBSITE.