The St George Motorcycle Club (NSW) would like to welcome all members to the Annual General Meeting, to be held:

          DATE: – Wednesday 13th March 2024

          START: – From 7.00pm until


                                Quad 1, Level 2, 8 Parkview Drive, Sydney Olympic Park

                                NOTE – (GOOGLE MAPS LINK)

          ONLINE: – via TEAMS link – Click here to join the meeting

                            Meeting ID: 466 518 369 898 ; Passcode: qmVjCx 


          NOMINATIONS:St George Motorcycle Club Committee Nomination Form



The following motions are presented for your consideration prior to and for discussion at the 109th AGM, and will be voted on for resolution: 


  1. StGMCC Member Voting Rights: 

A St George Motorcycle Club member must hold a Full Membership (excluding Social or Touring memberships) for a period of TWO (2) consecutive years before having voting rights at any STGMCC meeting.


  1. StGMCC Committee Member Eligibility:

A St George Motorcycle Club member must hold a Full Membership (excluding Social or Touring memberships) and for a minimum period of THREE (3) consecutive years before being able to being ELIGIBLE to nominated and/or hold a position within the STGMCC committee.

The StGMCC Executive Committee (President, Secretary, Treasurer) can review illegible instances and request the Management Committee conduct a vote to allow the member to hold a position within the STGMCC committee.


  1. StGMCC Management Committee Minimum Participation Requirements.

Elected St George Management Committee members are expected to actively participate in the StGMCC activities by

  • Attending a minimum 80% of St George Motorcycle Road Race Events in an active role, either as an official or as a registered racer.
  • Each committee member missing a MAXIMUM of TWO (2) monthly meeting per annum.

Exceptions to the above will be reviewed by the executive committee and request the Management Committee to conduct a vote to determine if the committee position should be vacated.


  1. StGMCC Event Naming Convention (and/or Known As)

To assist with identification of St George Motorcycle Club’s representation and operation in the greater geographical area in the current age, it is proposed to change the Event Naming Convention, while retaining the historical reference to and having St George MCC included in event titles:.

Naming Convention to be adopted:

  • Sydney Road Race Motorcycle Club – Powered by St George MCC
  • or
  • NSW Road Race Motorcycle Club – Powered by St George MCC

(Note “Dirt Track” to replace “Road Race” for relevant events)


  1. Specialised Race or Organising Committee

It is proposed to change the current committee concept Race Organising Committee (ROC) and replace with distinguished specialties:

  • Road Race Committee of 5 and a
  • Dirt Track Committee of 3.

The selected head of each committee will do a report at each monthly meeting and conduct meetings as required for the specific specialty.



The St George MCC, incorporated since 1915, is now well into its 2nd centenary and continuing to grow, prosper, and together with the number of events we now promote, the Clubs’ future is strong.

WE ARE A CLUB OF VOLUNTEERS. To ensure the Club can continue to grow, we need YOU as financial members, to come along and become an active member of the club. We need the inspired to join us “behind the scenes”, bring in new ideas and energy to help develop the club, its operation and race meetings, by standing for one of the Management Committee positions listed below.

Primary Roles Duty Summary Requested Commitment  Notes

— Chairperson of general meetings 2nd Wednesdays each month and attend other meetings as required,
— Represent the Club to with MNSW and other stakeholders,
— Oversee Club Management Committee  functions
— Delegate operational functions

2.5hrs twice a month Ex Officio role to assist with sub committees as required
Vice President

— Chair general meetings if President unavailable

Treasurer (and Vice Treasurer

— Pay accounts once approved by Management Committee (MC)
— Bank income
— Record keeping
— Balance accounts
— Prepare profit and loss statements of events
— Prepare budgets for events

Approximately 2hrs per week Ex Officio role to assist with sub committees as required
Secretary (and Vice Secretary

— Receive incoming correspondence,
— Send outgoing correspondence,
— Take & prepare minutes of general meetings,
— Distribute meeting minutes to committee members,
— Arrange committee meetings both Face to Face and online,

Up to 2hrs per week Ex Officio role to assist with sub committees as required
Publicity Officer

Creation of StGMCC promotional materials and promote club activities on Social Media
— Facebook
— Website

Up to 4hrs per week  
Membership Secretary

 — Record new and renewing members (via Ridernet)
— Reconcile payment of membership fees
— Prepare and present membership report at general meetings
— Assist members with their queries re membership and racing

Average of 1hr per week  
Management Committee

 — Attend general meetings, provide advice, suggestion and contribution to discussions on Club Administration and Race Meet matters

2.5hrs per month

Assist sub committees as required

— Attend MNSW Delegates meetings
— Report to MNSW Delegates on Club activities
— Report on matters raised / discussed at MNSW Delegates meetings

— Attend Nepean Motorsports Club (NMSC) meetings (represent the Club)
— Report on matters raised / discussed at NMSC meetings

2.5hrs 6 times per year (Thursday nights every 2nd month)


2.5hrs every 2nd month


Records Secretary — Keep records of who attended Club meetings (both general and race) including officials Up to 1hr per month  
Public Officer — Lodge annual report with Department of Fair Trading 4hrs once a year  

Download a brief overview of each positions requirement in the “Summary of Roles” document.

It is a critical time in the clubs history. While we are a RACE Club, these events do not happen on their own, and as we to continue the grow the club, don’t sit back and what it all go by. The time is now to be a part of the club and to help steer the club into its next phase.


We look forward to YOU joining us at the AGM.

Club Secretary

St George MCC