The following flags (and lights) are used at race meetings. Direction will be given by Race control regarding what flags should be used and when.




Red lights out (where installed)


Race Start

Black and white chequered flag waved or chequered light board displayed


Finish of Race

Green flag waved.


Course Clear.

Yellow flag held stationary or solid yellow light displayed


Danger ahead, ride slowly, overtaking is forbidden.

Yellow flag waved or flashing yellow light displayed


Immediate danger, slow down, prepare to stop, overtaking forbidden.

Red flag displayed and or Red lights displayed


Race or practice stopped. Competitors must slow down, not overtake and slowly proceed to the pits or indicated area.

Yellow flag with red stripes held stationary.


Lack of adhesion

Slippery track (usually an oil spill)

White flag waved.


Rain on circuit at this location. This may be as little a few drops. May be at one or more flag points

Blue flag.


Not used for StGMCC Race events.

FYI – Slow rider signal warning the competitor is about to be overtaken by a faster rider.

Other actions


Delayed Start Board


Advises the grid there is an issue holding up the start of the race.

Black flag board held stationary with riders race number or black lights displayed with riders race number


Competitor with number indicated on black board must stop at the pits on the next lap.

Last lap board


Shown to the race leader. The last lap of the race is about to commence

Full Course Yellow Flashing Lights and SC (Safety Car) lights dispalyed

(Only used in Endurance Racing Events)


Danger on track, Safety Car deployed to control the field.

Used in conjunction with waved Yellow flags